I focus on adding, not subtracting.
Instead of dwelling on what I can't eat, I think about what I can, like two servings of leafy green vegetables every day. Who knew I'd genuinely enjoy sautéed spinach? (And if I have a cookie, too, so what?)

I get comfortable.
The idea of squeezing myself into a sausage-like casing of yoga pants was enough to keep me glued to the couch for an entire Bachelor marathon. So I invested in some looser Zella pants. When you're trying to hit the gym, you have to feel okay about leaving the house.

I indulge.
I still eat popcorn every night. And not the microwave stuff: I like to hear the kernels sizzling in organic coconut oil. Giving myself permission to indulge in this limited way makes the rest of my sacrifices (oh, single-malt Scotch, how I miss you!) sustainable.

I keep my eye on the prize.
I plan to stick around to see my nieces and nephews graduate from high school and a woman sworn in as president of the United States. Until then I'm snacking on raw carrots!

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