Quite often, I turn on the TV, flip through a magazine or local newspaper, and see stories about Skype. Whether it’s an army husband watching his baby’s birth from Iraq, a classroom having a virtual field trip, or a grandmother seeing her grandchild take their first steps, the stories about people using Skype are endless. With such a large community of users, it’s amazing to see the ways our millions of users are utilizing Skype in their personal (or business) lives.

Today, I read an unforgettable story demonstrating just how valuable Skype is for relationships. With a terminally-ill mother and a new engagement to her beau, Ashley Broering was not exactly living a bridal dream. Dealing with her mother’s weakening health due to cancer, it’s not difficult to imagine the emotional distress for Ashley, her mother, and their close family and friends.

When Ashley found out her mother only had a few days to live, Ashley and her fiancée decided the wedding needed to happen within days with Ashley’s mom in attendance – through video call. With a laptop and Skype video calling, Ashley’s mom was able to witness her daughter walking down the aisle and having the first dance with her husband. What previously would not have been possible, was made possible simply by connecting a hospital room to a wedding ceremony and reception. Sadly, Ashley’s mom passed away a couple of weeks after the wedding, but not without taking part in her daughter’s special day.

Heartwarming stories like that of Ashley and her mother display the value of video calling in some of the most trying moments in people’s lives. We are glad that in the midst of a very difficult time, Skype could be used to connect mother and daughter on this special day.


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