Beginning in 1998 we started hosting exchange students....little did we realize the impact these young people would have on our heart. What started as a hosting experience turned into life long relationships with some. These children came into our life and by the time they left us to go back to their countries they were like our children. We now have a daughter in Hong Kong that will marry in September, a son from Spain who is studying medicine and will serve others, two daughters in Germany, another daughter in South Korea, a daughter from Taiwan who now lives in Canada and others. We stay In touch with these children now adults by way of Skype. All these children know about each other and our dream would be to have all our children meet but we know that possibly is only a dream but what a family photo that would be. Our world is better because of these people and our world is smaller but our love is large and endless. Thank you Skype you are our outlet we can’t touch them but we can see their smiles and we can hear their laughter. We have learned that regardless of culture we all share the love others.


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