From the moment I got to this country (age 9) with my mom, we were inseparable. Every get together, every picnic or camping trip, every trip to the super market, always together. At age 14 (2002), I moved to Florida with my dad and my mom stayed behind in NY. Even then we still communicated but Skype was not available yet.

It was when my mom had to move back to Peru (2004 to 2005) that Skype made things easier for us. She no longer had to get a calling card to reach me because I could easily call her to her land line. We’d talk about everything, from recipes to sewing, from crocheting to whatever arts and craft project she was currently working on. But this wasn’t all Skype was for..

You see, in 2007, I flew to Peru and stayed there for about 6 months. During this time, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was there for the surgery and for part of the chemo sessions. After coming back, I was able to use Skype to stay up to date with her health and well being, specially now that she was diagnosed with cancer again, pancreatic this time..

I love that I am able to reach her even if I’m not at home, using the Skype App.


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