Between dirty diapers, soccer practices, the workplace and report cards, trying to juggle business and family life can be challenging. Even on her busiest days, see how one mom uses Skype to help her stay in touch with family.
We recently sat down with Barbara Baker, a stay-at-home mother of three and blogger for who says “Skype is a lifesaving, fun way to keep me connected with my family.” Check out a few tips from this Skype Mombassador on how she stays connected even on her busiest days:

- When Barbara is on the go between parent teacher conferences and business meetings for her husband John, she regularly checks in with her eldest son CJ by instant messaging him on her iPhone. She even uses this feature with her daughters Patience and Piper who find it more fun to text, than to talk to mom on the phone!

- The first time Barbara’s children were ever away from her, it was during a long stay with her mother in San Antonio. The separation wasn’t easy, but Skype helped tremendously in bridging the gap. Special moments like her children goofing off and family portraits were captured and sent with file sharing – a great way to share photos, mementos and special notes.

- For Barbara, being able to connect and build relationships with her readers and fellow bloggers is important. When she’s not writing for her blog, Barbara is just beginning to put a face to a name with video calling, stating that “actually hearing their voices, seeing their faces and really learning more about their character is amazing, and it’s all thanks to Skype.”

- Identifying herself and her family as the “Brady Bunch of video calling,” Barbara recommends using group video calling to stay connected with family down the street or across the state. When she has a free moment, indulging in a bit of girl talk with her mother and sister provides the one-on-one time she craves. With the inability to see her family whenever she desires, this has proven to be an “easy and simple solution.”

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