Even if you aren't ready to make a yearlong pledge like Brad and Charla, there are two things Dr. Berman says you can do—starting tonight—to improve your sex life.

First, make your sex life a priority. "Commit to making a sex date one night a week that is written in stone. If it means getting babysitters, sending the kids out for the night, whatever it is, you make that commitment," she says.

If you who aren't having sex because of a medical issue like pain or dryness, Dr. Berman says you can't abandon sex altogether. She says there are alternatives to intercourse. "But make sure that you have that sexual connection once a week," she says.

Download Dr. Berman's date night pledge and keep your sexual connection sizzling.

Second, give your bedroom a sexual makeover. "Bedrooms should be for sleeping and for sex—not for work, not for kids' cribs and diapers," she says. "So cover the TV if you're not willing to take it out of the room. ... Put a nice tapestry or something over it. Ideally, TV out of the room, computer out of the room, pictures of Grandma out of the room. Make it into a sensual, sexual haven."

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