Charla promised Brad a year of intimacy for his 40th birthday.

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Like many married couples, Brad and Charla admit they did not make sex and intimacy a priority. They had been married for several years, had two kids and both worked.

Then, for Brad's 40th birthday, Charla gave him a present he would be sure to remember—she promised they would spend a year making their sex life a priority. "I said we're going to put intimacy back on our to-do list," she says. "And for a year, let's give this a shot—sex and intimacy every day."

Brad says he was surprised by Charla's gift. "I kind of thought she was kidding at first," he says. "I wasn't sure she really knew what she was getting into."

In the book she wrote about this intimacy-filled year, 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy, Charla says how they did it. "We were scheduling it. We were looking at our week ahead of time and saying, 'What does your week look like?' We were having our babysitters come early on weekends so we could make time for it," she says. "We were really carving out time every day to make sure we to make this happen."

With the year over, Brad and Charla say their relationship had been changed for the better. "We promised ourselves we weren't going to let it go back to the old status quo," Brad says.