Bailee Boo

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Our dog Bailee Boo is golden retriever, black lab and German shepherd mix. She loves lollipops. One day, she came with us in the SUV and we had to run into the store for something and left her in the car with it running. One of the kids had bought a bunch of these natural-flavored strawberry suckers. We get back in the car and we hear this sucking noise, and I turned around and said, "Bailee" and she popped her head up from the back seat with a sucker hanging out of her mouth. She was sucking on it. It was so funny to see her with it hanging out of her mouth! She loves them. She loves Halloween because of the lollipops.

She is a very special dog to us. She was run over by a big SUV when she was 5 months old, and the vet said he had never seen a dog with such will to live and be so loyal to her family. She had a dislocated hip, bruised uterus and internal bleeding, broken ribs, etc. She was on oxygen for three days and survived it all, and she has a wonderful personality. Loves to lie upside down and smile. She shakes both paws, high fives, sits pretty and will sneeze.

— Joanne Cottam of Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada