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I got my cat, Ulicka, while I was living in Prague. I didn't have the heart to leave her behind, so when I came back to the United States, Uli came with me (the trip ended up being 24 hours long). Anyway, she is a character.

I was living in Portland, and Uli would often wake me up an hour before I had to be up, so I would put her in the bathroom with her food, water and litter box. This routine didn't last long. One morning, when Uli wanted to play fetch and I had an hour to sleep, into the bathroom she went. Seven o' clock a.m. came, and I first started my coffee and then tried to open the bathroom door. Uli had locked me out! Somehow she had pulled the drawer closest to the door open so I was unable to open the door. I was frantic and had to get in there to get ready for work. I went into the kitchen and got a knife and had to "shimmy" the drawer closed with a knife. Now, looking back, it was so funny that it happened!

— Shannon Vealitzek of Boise, Idaho