Lisa Ling

This season of Our America with Lisa Ling promises to challenge and entertain viewers with stories from their own backyards. Lisa takes viewers on a journey through secretive, kinky, misunderstood and marginalized subcultures throughout the nation, hoping to bring a new perspective on how we see our fellow Americans. From the real world of BDSM, to our nation's battle with childhood obesity, to the loving lifestyle of polyamory, to her own father's struggle with aging, Lisa brings her unique insight and perspective to Our America.
shades of kink

Shades of Kink

Fifty Shades of Grey began as fan fiction, but has grown into a cultural phenomenon. This romance novel brought the complicated world of BDSM to the masses, introducing millions to power exchange and impact play. Lisa goes beyond Fifty Shades to explore the real world of BDSM.
Generation XXL overweight family shopping

Generation XXL

The U.S. is the fattest nation in the world, and for the first time in history, our youngest generation is expected to live a shorter life than their parents. Taking a journey to the South – the epicenter of obesity – Lisa Ling meets children and families faced with a health crisis as they try to lose weight and live healthier lives.
Seniors running

The Secret Lives of Seniors

There are two things that almost all of us will go through: we will all grow old and we all have to deal with aging parents. Lisa tries to help her own father navigate the challenges of aging while also exploring a graying population who are speed dating, having sex and breaking track records. In other words, seniors who are aren't letting age stop them from living.
Polyamory, 3 people in bed

I Love You & You...& You

Can you imagine being happily married and still dating someone else... with your spouse's consent? For the half a million Americans practicing polyamory – committed non-monogamy – it's no fantasy; it's a lifestyle. Lisa visits three polyamorous households – each of them pushing the limits of love, commitment, and family.

Martyrs for Christ

When it comes to religion, what is real and what is not is a matter of faith. In the middle of the nation's heartland, one leader cries out with a radical message of spiritual warfare and martyrdom. Lisa goes inside this new religious movement where members literally hear the voice of God – and explores the question, what does the future hold for its followers?
lisa in church

Innocence Abused

When we send our children to school or to after-school programs, we entrust their lives to others – people who are supposed to be trustworthy. Lisa Ling will follow two stories of stolen innocence and the pattern of inaction that continues to compromise our children's safety.
hands behind bars

Families of Killers

In the wake of a violent act, families and often entire communities are devastated. All too often the family members of the perpetrators are left to absorb the blame and anger. What is it like to walk in their shoes? Lisa Ling explores issues of loyalty and love as she meets family members whose closest relatives have committed unimaginable crimes, and asks what the concept of family means in the face of actions that shatter multiple lives.
Lisa Ling

3AM Girls: 1 Year Later

In a past episode, Lisa Ling explored the shadowy underworld of domestic human sex trafficking in America. Now, she returns to the streets of Washington, D.C. to see how two young women caught up in this dangerous trade, and the crusaders who risked life and limb to secure their safety, are faring today.