Lisa explored why the HIV rate is disproportionately high in black America by looking at the social and economic forces that drive the epidemic. She met HIV-positive black men and women who are fighting both the stigma and the disease. Now, find out how these brave individuals are coping since the filming of "Black America's Silent Epidemic."

Daphnie remains happy and healthy. She continues her work at the Women's Collective and is planning to expand their HIV outreach outside of metro-DC area into Prince George County, Maryland.

Tom had a health scare believed to be caused by another virus back in November, but today his health is back on track. He now has a job as an associate at an insurance firm, and is currently studying to obtain his insurance license. Tragically, he lost his father to diabetes in January.

Jacory experienced some initial depression as a side effect of his HIV medication, but he still continues to take one pill everyday to keep the virus at bay. He lost his job in September, and is hoping to go back to school to study fashion design.

This past Father's Day Sonny celebrated seven years of sobriety. He is happy and healthy, continuing to take his HIV medication and maintains an undetectable viral load. In addition to running the 90-day treatment plan at Amos House, he also coordinates a fatherhood program for men who are trying to reunite with their children who are in state custody.

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