On this episode, Lisa Ling explored ADHD, one of the most disputed and misunderstood medical conditions today. Find out how the determined kids afflicted by ADHD are coping with their diagnoses since the filming of "The ADHD Explosion."

Grant had a few incidents in the latter half of the school year and had to figure out some new strategies for social situations on the playground. Despite the brief setback, he ended the year on a positive note receiving an award for being on the honor roll for the whole year!

Noah Is doing great. His grades are much better and this last semester he got two A's, two B's, and two C's. He is finishing 5th grade and tested at an 8th grade math level while medicated. He placed 6th at the state competition for wrestling this year and recently made the All-Star cut for baseball. He will continue his medication this summer because of his sports.

Wilson moved back home and on March 10th he started at a new, alternative day school in Vermont that offered a half day of academics in the mornings and an elective or community based services in the afternoons. They even had a farm with goats and chickens and a wood shop that Wilson was able to work in with tools, so he was over the moon! He also went on the road with the man who developed the energy work program at the Hunter school where they would do workshops and teach others about the program. A few Hunter school students went on this trip, and Wilson was chosen to be the team leader!

Wilson has since transferred to a new school, Maple hill, which has a vocational program that he loves! He is a master of his energy, he is happy, and he is loving life! Wilson and his family are loving living together full-time, at long last.

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