Los Angeles County's foster care system is the largest in the country. Lisa investigated what happens to a child after they've been removed from their family, the actions parents take hoping to reunify, and how the system is holding up under the strain. Find out how families separated by the law are coping with the process of reunification since the filming of "Children of the System."

On June 6th, Monica's case with The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services was officially closed. After a lot of hard work, her daughter, Moine, is back on track with school and is getting ready for 2nd grade. Moine's sister,Kaliha, graduated from 5th grade, and is entering Junior High in the fall. Troy is happy to have his sisters home.

Shannon has been sober for four-and-a-half months. She and Lily are back in Utah, where Lily is living with family. Shannon sees Lily regularly and is working hard to reintroduce herself back into Lily's life as a sober mother. Shannon is also holding down a full-time job and attends regular support meetings.

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