Yvette Nicole Brown: "The Problem Is Most Men Aren't Looking for a Wife"

Season 1 Episode 108
Is dating harder now than it's ever been? Actress Yvette Nicole Brown, known for her roles on The Odd Couple and Community, has much to say on the subject. Yvette discusses the challenges that women face finding love in the age of social media—a time when many men prefer the casual approach over courtship.

Recalling the dating scene back in her hometown of Cleveland, Yvette says: "If you liked someone, you talked to him for a while. And you were talking and you got to know them before anything physical ever happened. And now, you know, we're in the generation where they are just sending body parts and slip it into DMs."

Rev Run weighs in, saying, "The problem is most men aren't looking for a wife using social media."

Without missing a beat, Yvette says, "The problem is most men aren't looking for a wife."

Find out why Yvette says conversation is a lost art in courtship. Plus, did Tyrese tweet his future wife?