Tyrese and Rev Run's Sage Advice for the Single Ladies

Season 1 Episode 106
CC | tv-ma
After the show, Tyrese and Rev Run field questions from the single ladies in the audience about navigating the modern dating scene.

One woman in the audience wants to know why men are so intimidated by successful women. Tyrese explains that, for some men, it's about gaining the upper hand in a relationship. For instance, a man who lacks self-confidence might choose a woman who is not financially independent. That way, he says, the woman is dependent upon the man.

However, Tyrese says that a woman who is "too aggressive" can be a turnoff. "It's about a man wanting to smell the perfume," he says.

Another audience member asks how to determine whether a man is seeking a relationship or just wants sex. "By his actions," Rev says without missing a beat. "If a man wants to be with you, he'll go far in order to show it to you. If a man wants to just have sex with you, he will just invite you to his apartment or to his house."

Unsurprisingly, Tyrese disagrees with the good reverend's advice. "My answer would be a little different," he says with a smile. Find out how different in this must-see moment.