Loni Love: "You Men Make Up These Rules"

Season 1 Episode 106
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Is it true that men don't like to date smart, successful, independent women? The Real co-host Loni Love and comedian Jessimae Peluso tackle that question with Tyrese and Rev Run.

According to Rev, having a career isn't an issue—as long as you prioritize your man too. "I want you to be able to take off your work hat, put on some lingerie or something," he says. "Cook dinner or do something feminine. I want to be able to smell the perfume."

Tyrese agrees with Rev, saving that he finds it attractive when a woman embraces her femininity at the end of the workday. "A lot of women feel the need to become very masculine to survive in a 'man's world,' and they don't know how to get back into that girly, girly sweetness and stay in tune with their femininity," he says.

Loni, who looks taken aback, slams this notion, saying, "You want to know why?" she says. "Because sometimes men don't know how to act like men sometimes."

Jessimae also jumps into the fray to make it clear that relationships require give and take, and a woman's needs are equally important. "Sure, I'll put on the lingerie, but please maybe, like, put out some chocolate, rub my feet, put on my favorite show, rub my back. I will do you if you do me," she says as the audience applauds.

Finally, a worked-up Loni interjects, saying, "Who is making up these rules? No, you men make up these rules."

In this must-see moment, the ladies take Tyrese and Rev Run to task, leaving a chastened Rev to comment, "I had a lot to say, and I'm shut down."

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