Tyrese on His Childhood: "My House Was Full of All Levels of Dysfunction"

Season 1 Episode 102
Aired on 01/23/2016 | CC tv-ma
When is the right time to reveal you're celibate? Does Tyrese regret not getting married? Tyrese and Rev Run answer audience questions candidly after a taping of It's Not You, It's Men.

The conversation takes an emotional turn when an audience member, referring to Tyrese's policy of swearing off drugs and alcohol, asks Tyrese whether a commitment to abstinence is any different. Tyrese then opens up about the trauma of growing up in a household riddled with addiction. "Everything about my childhood was so out of control," he says. "I correlate drugs and alcohol abuse with being out of control. I try my best to just keep it clean."

Watch as Tyrese and Rev Run take the audience's many questions—and respond with the unfiltered honesty you've come to expect.