Tyrese on Chivalry: Don't Allow Yourself to Be Disrespected

Season 1 Episode 108
CC | tv-ma
Is chivalry dead? Is it appropriate to talk about spirituality on the first date? Should a woman pursue a man? Tyrese and Rev Run field questions from the audience—and offer a glimpse into their personal lives along the way.

One woman wonders what happened to chivalry, and Tyrese encourages women to set the bar high and not allow themselves to be treated poorly. "I don't think chivalry is dead. ... If you allow that disrespect, then it's going to continue," he says. "You're on the receiving end of what you allow that man to do."

Rev Run addresses an audience member's question about whether to bring up religion on a first date. "If you tell that to a man and he runs, you just cleared out all your problems," he says, cracking up the audience.

Later, in a particularly candid moment, Tyrese opens up about his messy custody battle and offers some heartfelt advice to women who may have become bitter due to past disappointments and who may have lost hope in ever finding love. "I've been married and divorced. I'm in and out of court every other month," he says. "I got a lot of reasons to be bitter, mad and have walls, but I'm keeping that door open for the possibilities of my wife coming through that door and just coming in and making it all better. So I just encourage women to do the same thing."