Tyrese and Rev Run Offer Their Takes on Dating a Player

Season 1 Episode 103
CC | tv-ma
Has Tyrese ever been in a relationship with a "player"? Is it normal for a man to have no time for his girlfriend? After the show, Tyrese and Rev Run offer their insight into dealing with lies and deception in a relationship.

One woman in the audience thinks that while most players are men, there are women who fit that description as well. She wonders whether Tyrese has ever been involved with a two-timing woman.

"I don't think I've ever experienced that. ... I got a real presence about me," Tyrese says. "I don't think a woman would be comfortable with, like, running around with five or six different dudes and, like, covering up."

Another audience member poses a question to Rev Run: Is it normal for a man to spend all his free time with his buddies and never make time for the woman in his life? Rev doesn't hesitate to call out such behavior as suspicious.

"If he's telling you, 'I'm always with my homies,' he's lying to you," he says.

Hear what else Rev had to say on the subject. Plus, find out why Tyrese says, "Every time it feels like a man is not into you, it's not always connected to cheating."