Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin on Infidelity: "The Worst Thing for a Woman Is the Lie"

Season 1 Episode 101
CC | tv-ma
Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin and Tyrese discuss the hard truths about cheating and deception. Tyrese kicks off the conversation by asking Tisha whether infidelity can ever be a good thing.

"We can actually forgive the actual act," Tisha says. "The worst thing for a woman is the lie."

The actress also opens up about how she would be devastated if her husband deceived her and put her in position where she had to meet the other woman.

Tyrese then steers the dialogue toward married men and reveals that many men have no qualms about lying if it gets them what they want from a woman.

"So, you're saying it's not personal?" Tisha says.

"It ain't personal at all," Tyrese says. "Cheating, for most dudes, is as easy as taking off your shoes."