Rev Run to the Ladies: "Look at a Guy's Actions and Don't Listen to His Words"

Season 1 Episode 105
CC | tv-ma
Why does Tyrese, a self-professed Christian, believe in having sex before marriage? How do you re-enter the dating scene after being away from it for so long? What advice would Rev Run give his daughters? In an intimate Q&A, Tyrese and Rev offer the ladies in the audience suggestions for navigating the complicated world of dating.

Tyrese explains that too often women get scared by a man's sexual agenda and lose out on the enjoyment of being wooed. "Woman have way more power than they think they have," he says. "Which is you have the power of saying no. And I would say, don't rob yourself of a man enjoying you, and you being enjoyed, because you assume that everything he says and does is connected to him trying to have sex, when you have the power of saying, 'No, I don't want to have sex.'"

Later, Rev Run shares a crucial piece of advice he would give his daughters to protect them from getting hurt by a less-than-honorable man. "Look at a guy's actions and don't listen to his words," he says. "If he's jerking you and not doing what he said he would do, he's lying. Move away from him."

Find out which bad relationship habit Rev says women need to give up. Plus, Tyrese explains at length why the threat of "potentially bad sex" looms over his marital prospects.