Mona Scott-Young on Juggling a Marriage and a High-Profile Career

Season 1 Episode 104
Aired on 01/30/2016 | CC tv-ma
Is it possible for women to be strong, successful and happily married? Mona Scott-Young, creator of the wildly popular TV series Love & Hip Hop, drops in to discuss the challenges of keeping her marriage healthy while running a media empire.

The entrepreneur has been married to her husband, Shawn, for 10 years. But theirs is a marriage that flouts conventional gender roles: She's the founder and CEO of Monami Entertainment, and he's a stay-at-home dad.

Tyrese wonders whether she finds it tricky to balance her roles as media mogul and wife. "Do you know how to turn that off when you get home and still tap into your femininity?" he says.

Mona agrees that it's important to check your work issues at the door. "When I'm out there in the world, then yes, sometimes I've got to steamroll through the day to get what I need done," she says. "But I have to also understand, when I get home, I'm in a partnership."

Mona explains why, even after 10 years, her marriage requires daily work. Plus, find out why she thinks that being supportive is the key to any relationship.

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