Evelyn Lozada on What Women Say and What They Really Mean

Season 1 Episode 105
Let's face it. We don't always say what we really mean. Communication between the sexes has always been fraught with potential pitfalls, and many men feel helpless to interpret what their partners are trying to get across.

Luckily for Tyrese and Rev Run, Livin' Lozada star Evelyn Lozada stops by to help them decode common things women say—starting with an age-old question: Do I look fat in this?

"Well, that to me means I may think I look a little fat, but you shouldn't say that I look fat in whatever I'm wearing," Evelyn says.

See her clue the guys in on the right way to respond to that dreaded question. Plus, Tyrese offers what he thinks is a diplomatic answer—which is roundly rejected by the women in the audience.

Tune in Saturday, February 13, at 9/8c.