Why Maysoon Zayid Stands Up to Cyberbullies with Compassion

Season 1 Episode 108
Aired on 03/22/2015 | CC
Maysoon Zayid, a Palestinian-American actress and comedian who has cerebral palsy, has received a barrage of hateful comments online since making her television debut. Although it would be easy to lash out at her cyberbullies, Maysoon says, she challenges herself every day to respond with compassion.

"People would tell me, 'Why do you respond to these anonymous trolls? They have no effect on you; you're bigger than this,'" Maysoon says. "And the reason I respond is because someone has to. Because if no one ever tells them, 'Stop. Think about what you're saying. Are you proud of this?' then they will go after someone not as strong as me. And when they go after someone not as strong as me, that person might take their own life. And if there is anything that I can do to make people stop with the hate and find something better to focus on, that's my goal."

Watch the video for more of Maysoon's inspiring words and why she says social media empowers bullies.

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