The Day Vince Young's Mother Thought She Had Lost Her Son Forever

Season 1 Episode 104
Aired on 03/01/2015 | CC tv-14
Filmmaker Jonas Elrod is following former NFL quarterback Vince Young on his journey to build a life outside of professional football. "If you ever want to understand a man, you talk to the woman in [his] life," Jonas says. He meets with Vince's mother, his grandmother and his cousin to learn more about Vince.

While talking to his mother, Felicia, Jonas hears about the day she thought she had lost her boy in a car accident. "A lady came through the neighborhood and didn't see him, and as he was turning the corner on his bike, she hit him," she says. "They came in and got him and rushed him to the emergency room and opened him up and then found out that his intestine had ruptured. But I was scared. I was so scared. I thought he was gone. And I remember asking God to please give me another chance with my son."

Vince survived, and soon after his recovery, Felicia says, coaches at his school asked whether she had ever considered letting Vince play youth football. In the video above, Felicia recalls that moment, and Vince opens up about what sports meant to him.

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