Karen Perry's Emotional Journey to the Site of Her Children's Plane Crash

Season 2 Episode 101
Aired on 03/15/2015 | CC
Karen Perry, a pilot and flight attendant, was left with many unanswered questions after losing her three children in a devastating plane crash. More than three years after the tragedy, Karen sets out on an emotional journey to climb Superstition Mountain, the site of the accident.

"It is a very difficult, arduous climb," Karen says. "The higher you get, the more difficult it is. There's parts of it that are vertical and just incredibly difficult. However, I am motivated about going up there and facing that challenge."

Along for the grueling climb are Karen's boyfriend, Gordon, and her dear friend Eva. Although it will be both physically and emotionally demanding, Karen is determined to get to the top of the mountain and pay tribute to her children's memory.

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