How Former NFL Quarterback Vince Young Found a New Purpose

Season 2 Episode 104
Aired on 03/01/2015 | CC tv-14
Former NFL quarterback Vince Young was a superstar with a promising career. After leaving college early to join the NFL, his career lost steam, and he became sidelined by depression and financial problems. Losing his identity as an athlete hit him hard, but, as filmmaker Jonas Elrod learns, a breakthrough helped Vince realize that his future is bright, with or without a career in professional sports.

In the video above, Jonas follows Vince to Austin Sunshine Camp, where he mentors children and helps provide them with the tools they need to face challenges they come across in their daily lives.

"My purpose is just kids, our next generation," Vince says. "Making sure they can live their dream, the dream that I'm living. And that's the key of pushing that message."

Growing up in a low-income community without a father figure, Vince hopes he can now be the mentor that he always wanted as a child. Watch as he describes how working with young people is helping him to heal old wounds, and find out what his relationship is like with his father today.

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