Every Mother's Worst Nightmare

Season 2 Episode 101
Aired on 03/15/2015 | CC tv-14
On Thanksgiving eve at roughly 6:30 p.m., Karen Perry came face-to-face with every mother's worst nightmare. Her ex-husband and three young children were involved in a tragic plane crash, and there were no survivors.

In the above video, Karen talks about how difficult it was to process her loss. "God took all of my kids and left me here now with nothing," she says. "I've basically lost everything in the world that I had that was important to me."

Karen, a pilot and a flight attendant, had always been passionate about flying. The only thing she loved more was her children, whom she considered "miracles." Now, Karen grapples with the meaning of her tragedy. "My children died doing what I loved more than anything in the world to do," she says. "Not what they loved doing, but what I loved to do. Two of my dreams that I'd had my whole life had collided, literally collided, in an instant."

Also in the video, Sheriff Paul Babeu, one of the first responders on the scene, describes the terrible crash and how he broke the news to Karen.

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