Does Vince Young Want to Get Back into the NFL?

Season 1 Episode 104
Aired on 03/01/2015 | CC
Growing up without a father figure, former NFL quarterback Vince Young poured his passion into football and left college early for a professional career to help take care of his family. Today, Vince reflects on his relationship with his father, who served time in prison when he was a child.

"I just want him to understand, like, you wasn't here, so I'm over here working," he says. "I'm so busy trying to take care of a lot of responsibilities that I feel like he should have been helping me with."

One of those responsibilities, Vince says, is getting back into the National Football League after being released. "I want to finish what I started," he says in the video above. "I want to finish my career. I want to leave a legacy for, in this case, my son if he wants to play sports. And my goal when I stepped into the NFL [was] to be a Hall of Fame player. So I want to reach that goal as well."

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