Who Rocked the Hairstyle First: Shanice or Janet Jackson?

Season 2
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When Shanice was signed to her first record deal in 1987, she ended up on the same label as Janet Jackson. At the time, both Janet and Shanice were young singers looking to stand out in the crowd, but the ladies shared a hairstylist and makeup artist.

Shanice decided that she wanted her hair to be straight in order to differentiate herself from Janet's curly locks, at the time. After shooting her album cover photo with her new look, Shanice says, "By the time my album came out, I looked like Janet from Pleasure Principle," laughing at her somewhat failed attempt to create an original style. "It was a big mess because people were saying, 'Oh, Shanice is trying to look like Janet," says Shanice, admitting that she had originally tried to do the exact opposite.