Shanice on Her Wedding Night: "I Was Terrified to Be With Him"

Season 2
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For Flex and Shanice, who abstained until marriage, their wedding night was not only very titillating but was somewhat nerve-wracking, as well.

"Looking back I wouldn't do any of it differently," says Flex about waiting, and Shanice agrees, adding, "It made it even more special."

The happy couple, who have been married 16 years now, recall Shanice stalling in the bathroom out of nerves on their wedding night. "I was terrified to be with him!" Shanice admits. Shanice explains why she chose that particular moment to take the longest shower of her life: "We were friends and dating and we had never had sex so I was scared."

Meanwhile, Flex, who was eagerly awaiting his new wife's entrance into the wedding suite had to wait so long that he "literally fell asleep."