The Fan That Kept Shanice from Giving Up: "I Was Really Done"

Season 2
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"I love social media!" Shanice declares wholeheartedly. Now that it's easier than ever to keep abreast of what her fans are saying about her music via Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, Shanice maintains a close, personal relationship with them.

"I have some amazing fans that have been, like, my "ride-or-die" fans from the ‘80s all the way up until now and they will not let me give up," says the prolific singer. If it weren't for her fans, Shanice admits she may have already ended her career.

The music industry can be discouraging when progress isn't being made quickly enough, and during one such dry spell in Shanice's career, she was ready to throw in the towel. "I felt like giving up," Shanice began. "I didn't want to sing anymore, and I had this fan post of these YouTube videos about me, and he made me look larger than life, and he begged me to continue to sing." This fan was so enthusiastic about Shanice's music that she thought even if she made a record just for this one fan, that would be well worth it.

After Shanice made the decision to keep putting out music, she left her encouraging fan a direct message telling him: "I was about to give up and you're the reason why I'm still singing. Thank you so much!"

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