Shanice and Imani Learn to Hula in Hawaii

Season 2 Episode 208
Aired on 08/27/2016 | CC tv-pg
On the season finale of Flex & Shanice,The family hits the picturesque beaches of Hawaii on a Honeymoon turned family vacation, and they're intent on taking full advantage of everything the island has to offer.

"I had planned on taking a hula lesson by myself so that I could surprise Flex with some new moves, but since my mom and papa have gone off, I've decided to take my little boo boo, Imani," says Shanice.

While the girls practice their newly acquired Polynesian dance moves, Flex and Elijah spend some quality father-son time at the driving range where Elijah tries to hit golf balls—but the wind isn't doing him any favors on the gusty day!

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