Who Let the Dog Out?

Season 2 Episode 204
Aired on 07/30/2016 | CC tv-pg
While Flex and Shanice are out of town in Vegas, it's up to Brooklyn and Uncle Spirit to hold down the fort. They quickly hit their first snag when Fiji, the family dog, goes missing. Brooklyn knows she needs to find him fast or she'll be the one in the doghouse when the couple returns. As the two hunt around the pool for the missing pooch, Uncle Spirit does his best to put Brooklyn's mind at ease, offering up some spiritual insights.

"The universe is gonna' protect all of us," Uncle Spirt tells her.

But the only thought that comforts Brooklyn is her plan to place the blame squarely on Uncle Spirit's shoulders if they don't manage to find the little dog in time.

"They're not even gonna' know I was here. Look, Don't tell them I was here, okay?" Brooklyn says. "I ain't got time for the universe right now. I need to find Fiji on earth."