The Rom-Com Worthy Moment When Shanice Realized Flex Was Her Soul Mate

Season 2 Episode 203
Aired on 07/23/2016 | CC
Like the opening of a classic Hollywood love story, Flex and Shanice—two young, rising stars in Los Angeles—moved into the same building. At the apartment elevator, the future couple had their meet-cute: Shanice recognized Flex from a television show and Flex, being a fan of Shanice's records, knew who she was right away.

The pair exchanged phone numbers and became building buddies—but their frienship would only last a few months before their feelings for each other began to grow. One day, as Shanice rehearsed for an upcoming tour, Flex visited the singer at the studio. Shanice admitted to Flex that lately she had been praying for a sign of her soul mate.

"You've been praying for your soul mate," Flex said to her, "But your soul mate could be staring you right in your face."

After Flex expressed his deep feelings for his soon-to-be wife, Shanice realized he was right—that the couple was meant to be together—and the rest is Hollywood history.

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