Shanice's Rendition of the National Anthem Will Give You Chills

Season 2 Episode 201
Aired on 07/09/2016 | CC
Elijah get the chance of a lifetime when his dad, Flex, hooks him up with VIP tickets to watch the famous Harlem Globetrotters play their theatrical and impressive brand of basketball. Not only does Elijah get to enjoy the show, but during warmup he also had a chance to meet and shoot hoops with the players!

Flex can't take all the credit for managing to get VIP tickets, however. It was Shanice agreeing to kick the game off by singing the National Anthem that sealed the deal. "This is where I belong," says Shanice about performing music to live audiences.

After giving a performance that would give anyone goosebumps, Shanice makes an important realization.

"I've looked at everybody else to help me make a decision on this Mali contract, but this is my career," says Shanice. "I need to make that decision for myself."

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