Shanice to Ruba: "I'm Done With You"

Season 2 Episode 206
Aired on 08/13/2016 | CC tv-pg
Shanice wants to put one of Ruba's songs on her album so he joins her in the studio for a recording session. After Ruba sings his verse, it's time for Shanice to hit the sound booth to record hers, at the direction of her cousin. After just a few lines, Ruba stops Shanice and incites her to use more provocative language.

"But, I don't use that kind of language, so I'm not singing it," says Shanice, putting her foot down.

Ruba continues to push the more explicit language, prompting Shanice to ask him, "What is wrong with your mouth?"

Still, Ruba continues to push Shanice to the point that she tells him that he's embarrassing her in front of the sound mixer, because of the unprofessional way he's acting, before walking out on the song.

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