Shanice Reconnects with Her Grandmother Through a Medium

Season 2 Episode 203
Aired on 07/22/2016 | CC tv-pg
Flex and Shanice decide to visit a medium hoping to reconnect with lost loved ones. The medium shares Shanice's grandmother's words of advice about the value of family and how Shanice should harness her inner strength.

"What your grandma loves about you, Shanice, is—not only do you have a heart of gold—family is so important to you" the medium tells her. "You're also a very strong lady. I feel you don't recognize how strong you actually are."

Shanice is delighted by the opportunity to hear from her grandma. The medium then shifts to the topic of Shanice's career, describing the great potential Shanice has for success. When the medium asks her if she has any questions concerning her livelihood, Shanice just wants to know one thing:

"Am I gonna' win the lottery?"