Shanice and Faith Evans On Competition Among Female Musicians

Season 2 Episode 206
Aired on 08/13/2016 | CC tv-pg
Shanice's longtime friend and fellow singer-songwriter, Faith Evans, stops by to hang out and catch up. "Faith is coming out with an album of duets with her late husband, Biggie Smalls," Shanice says, adding, "I'll be the first in line."

Faith learns that Shanice has been prolific with her songwriting lately and that she's also been working in the studio with well-regarded producers like T Pain. Shanice is nervous to play her song "Breakdown" for Faith—whom she reveres and admires for her own impressive musical talent—but when Shanice does finally play the track, Faith likes what she hears and compliments Shanice's voice. "You're a singer's singer," she tells her.

The conversation turns to the topic of the, at times, difficulty of working with other female musicians. The two women have always liked working with one another because both Faith and Shaince were able to "keep it real"—which is to say that rather than try to bring the other down, both singers wanted to learn each other's secrets, and as a result they were both able to enjoy and grow from their expirence working together. Shanice sincerely believes that if women could work together rather than competitively in the music industry, "we can get so much further."

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