Mali Hunter Takes Off Her "Friend Hat" and Gets Serious

Season 2 Episode 201
Aired on 07/09/2016 | CC tv-pg
Mali surprises Shanice by flying out to Los Angeles from Atlanta in order to get a final answer on whether or not Shanice is going to sign her 360 recording deal. The ladies grab a bite to eat and enjoy a glass of wine, before they get down to business.

"All right, so I'm taking off my 'I am Mali, your friend' hat... and putting on my 'I am Mali, the business person,' hat," Mali says to Shanice.

Mali tries to encourage Shanice by reminding her that fear has ruined the careers of many talented people.

Shanice is very apprehensive about signing any contracts, as she's managed to stay independent until now—but will she let fear get in the way of her big comeback?

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