How Flex Avoided a "Ghetto Engagement"

Season 2
Aired on 07/09/2016 | CC tv-pg
When Flex met Shanice, he didn't waste any time. After three months of dating, the happy couple was engaged! Here, Flex and Shanice share the story of what inspired them to move forward swiftly with the life-changing decision. After hearing a sermon from their pastor on "ghetto engagements," Flex made his move.

"If he proposes and you're engaged for like five or six years, he called that a ghetto engagement. And he said that means he's trying to find something better out there," Shanice explained, echoing the pastor.

For Flex's part, he was certain about spending his life with Shanice from the start, but was unsure how she would react, so he played it safe by qualifying his proposal with a "what if?" When Shanice reciprocated, the couple made it official, and have now enjoyed sixteen years of marriage with two kids in tow.

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