How Flex and Shanice Get Through the Rough Moments of Marriage

Season 2
Aired on 07/09/2016 | CC
No one said marriage would be easy, but for Flex and Shanice, they knew from the beginning of their lives together that they would persevere through both the good times and the bad. Although they have only every gotten in a handful of angry disputes throughout their 16-year marriage, the couple has learned a thing or two about getting through the tough moments that make you want to throw in the towel.

"Some people are quick to give up on marriage," says Shanice, who understands how difficult rough patches in a marriage can be to get through. "It's not going to be rainbows everyday; You're going to have your moments."

Before tying the knot, Flex and Shanice made an agreement with each other that no matter what happened in their marriage "divorce was not an option."

When the couple has ended up angry with each other in the past, they've make sure that whatever the issue, they "try not to go to bed angry." Sometimes that entails leaving the room or going for a drive in order to cool off and reflect, according to Flex.

It's also very important to the spouses that they refrain from saying hurtful things in the heat of the moment. "When you get upset, you have to be really careful what you say because you can't take it back," explains Flex.

Shanice winces admitting, "I'm guilty of that."

Every marriage has it's emotionally trying moments—for Flex and Shanice, the lessons they've learned along their journey have helped them keep the stormy incidents down to a minimum!

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