Flex and His Late Brother Make Contact Through a Medium

Season 2 Episode 203
Aired on 07/23/2016 | CC tv-pg
"I really hope visiting a medium will help me connect with my family," says Flex about his appointment to try and connect with his brother, Dwayne, who passed away. Ever since Dwayne died, Flex has carried an enormous amount of guilt for not having the chance to say goodbye until it was too late. As Flex explains, "The last conversation I had with my brother, I was rushing him off of the phone, and the next evening I get the call that he was gone. So I held onto that through all these years. I just wanted him to know how sorry I was."

Neither Flex nor Shanice have ever met with a medium before, so when they arrive at Michele Renee's, they follow her lead. "I'm a medium and that means I'm able to communicate with those who've passed over," Michele tells them. "The whole communication process, it's going to resemble the game of charades, a lot; So, my job is to interpret," she adds.

Michele closes her eyes and begins the process. She connects with a young man who "died before his time." It soon becomes clear from the express details Michele is relaying, that she must be describing Flex's brother. Flex becomes very emotional as Michele continues to provide very personal and accurate information about the past relationship the brother's had.

"He's a really good guy and he loves you dearly," Michele says to Flex. "He says to me that you had a lot of unresolved issues with him. You had some guilt over him, do you understand that?"

Flex affirms that he knows the exactly what Michele is talking about.

"Honey, he's not mad at you," she assures Flex, adding, "He says to tell you he loves you."

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