Elijah Opens Up to a Therapist after Being Bullied

Season 2 Episode 205
Aired on 08/06/2016 | CC tv-pg
Some of the kids at Elijah's school have been picking on him, and it’s brought the self-esteem down of the once happy-go-lucky boy. Flex and Shanice enlist the help of a therapist to help them find a solution to Elijah's bullying woes.

The first thing the Dr. Jody Adewale wants to know is what the family hopes to gain through their visit.

"Kids...they kind of hold back when it comes to talking to their parents," says Shanice. "It's good to have someone else to speak to."

Elijah, who had his reservations about speaking with a stranger about his problems, opens up to the doctor about the bullying. "I was a little nervous about coming to see the counselor, but he's actually making me feel really comfortable," he says.

When Elijah details some of the mean things his bullies have said to him, Flex and Shanice get emotional; Both mom and dad tear up knowing their son's peers are breaking his spirit. When the doctor asks Flex to put his feelings to words, Flex tells him, "You want to protect your kids. It just hurts, because I do my best, you know?"

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