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Caroline is a mom from California who gave up her career 12 years ago to stay home with her children. While she feels blessed, Caroline also says she sometimes feels unappreciated. How can she find contentment? 

The Rev. Bacon suggests that everyone take time for themselves every day. "Pause for five minutes or 10 minutes and simply let God, the divine within, thank you for being who you are," he says. "Remind yourself that you can access that any second of your day. Every moment something sacred is at stake."

Michael says Caroline is looking to identify the part of her that is not defined as mother or wife. "It's very important. And it has a lot to do with motivation," he says. "You're doing it for your own growth. ... You're doing it for that presence within you, and then your identity shifts from being mother, wife, etc., and you're now in tune with that divine presence that is thanking you for letting it come into its own as you."

Elizabeth was both a stay-at-home mom and an employee in a corporate environment, so she can relate to Caroline's situation. "If you are not feeling fulfilled all the way down to the bottom of your soul, you ultimately won't have as much to give your kids, so there is a good balance," she says.