The Rev. Bacon

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Just as Monica found the virtue of courage during her hardship, the Rev. Bacon says Tanya's crisis is merely the threshold for something bigger to come. "Let the old die because the new is going to be even better than you could ever have imagined," he says. "The metaphor I love for that is pruning. We get old, nonfruitful parts of our lives are pruned away so that something new and more fruitful can blossom."

By letting go of what she thought her life was supposed to be, the Rev. Dr. Beckwith says Tanya can find greater spirituality. "As a matter of fact, all spiritual growth is really about letting go of something. It's not about gaining anything."

"I always think everything is happening in your life, no matter how difficult the crisis, to teach you more about who you are," Oprah says. "To grow you into who you were really meant to be."