John Diaz

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After years of being on television, nothing excites Oprah more than experiencing a defining spiritual moment. "Two years ago, John Diaz was here talking about surviving a horrific plane crash," Oprah says. "What he said that day is something that I know so many of you who heard it will never forget."

After the plane crashed, John says he saw people strapped into their seats, burning. As he watched, he says he noticed what appeared to be auras leaving their bodies, some brighter than others. "I thought, 'The brightness and dimness of the auras were how one lives one's life,' so to speak," he says. "That's one of the major things that really has changed within me ... I want to live my life so my aura, when it leaves, is very bright."

Elizabeth believes the colorful auras were people who fully lived their lives. "What the world needs are people who have come alive. That's what we all need to do to become fully ourselves," she says. "Alive. Joyful. Present in every moment."