Valerie Bertinelli's life has been full of highs and lows.

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For nine years, Valerie Bertinelli was America's favorite girl next door on the hit TV show One Day at a Time. When she was just 20 years old, the wholesome sitcom star fell for rock star guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Within months, the good girl/bad boy couple was married. Ten years later, they celebrated the birth of their son, Wolfgang.

Valerie continued acting in numerous TV movies and feature films and won two Golden Globes. She seemed to have it all—but it soon became clear that Valerie's life as a rock star's wife wasn't as glamorous as it appeared to be. When Valerie's 20-year marriage came to an end, she says she hid from the world and consoled herself through food.

Valerie has now gone public with her lifelong battle with weight and is a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig™. Her new book, Losing It, is a revealing look at what she has lost—and ultimately gained. "I've lost my shame," Valerie says. "I've lost 40 pounds. But I don't know that it was the 40 pounds that kept me shameful. I was ashamed of myself, and that's why I gained 40 pounds."