Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips

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Valerie says her body image has been an issue for her since elementary school. Even when she starred in One Day at a Time, Valerie says she was unhappy with her body and compared herself with her TV sister, Mackenzie Phillips. "She's always been thin, and I called my hips 'childbearing hips,'" Valerie says. "I felt like a fat thing next to her. I look back and want to shake that little girl and say, 'Shut up. You're a beautiful young woman.' I thought I was ugly."

In an attempt to lose weight, Valerie says she tried taking Black Beauties. "But I started hating the shaking I felt all the time," she says. Six months later, Valerie says she stopped taking the pills for good. "After I got huge, honking zits," she says.

More than that, Valerie says she couldn't stand to starve herself. "I love food so much," she says. "You can't keep me off food forever."