David and Emily speak with Oprah and Gayle

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David and Emily have been married for seven years. According to the tenets of their Amish culture, they don't use a car, a computer, a television or even electricity. They buy fabric to sew their own clothes, and their only direct communication with the outside world is a community telephone.

"It's more a way of life [than a religion]," David said. "It's the simplicity. It's a separation from the world—from the things of the world. Not necessarily [about rejecting modern] facilities, it's just the way we live."

They're not completely cut off from what's happening in the wider world, though. "We read a lot," David said. David and Emily said they recognized Oprah immediately...and they also know the faces of celebrities like P. Diddy, Jay-Z and 50 Cent! They know about popular culture from reading magazines like Time and O, The Oprah Magazine.